Hi! I’m Wendy,  the office manager and customer contact for Car Care Clinic. Delivering outstanding customer service has always been an essential part of a days work for me. I initiate automotive services and repairs by determining performance problems and services requested. I possess product knowledge and bring an expertise to the relationship between our customers and the business.

Being married to an auto technician for 30 years, and being a mother of two grown children, I have many unique stories that come from their training and experiences of learning to drive and maintain their vehicles. Stop in and ask me sometime! I have come to appreciate the complexity and transformation the auto industry has taken; just like smart phones. They don’t think, but they do respond and remind us. With growing economic and environmental concern, vehicles are equipped with multiple safety applications, traffic information services, infotainment features and computerized engine management systems. The number of networked cars will rise each year for the next several years; by 2023, 70% of cars will be connected to the Internet. It is vital to have a repair shop that can handle the ever changing industry. 

I firmly believe that your vehicle is an important component to everyday life. I feel by learning how our customers see and use their vehicles, I can educate and equip them with honest and accurate information. An educated customer is confident in the decisions they need to make.