Hi, I'm Brandon.

I am a general technician here at Car Care Clinic.One of my jobs is to change out the most important fluids your vehicle requires, the oil, as it is what lubricates all the internal parts of the engine to prevent wearing of the metal components moving within it. Along with oil changes, I perform general diagnosis and repairs to our customers vehicles.

I grew up on a farm about 20 minutes outside of Madison. I have always lived on the farm, and have always been a part of the day to day activities involved in farming. Growing up on the farm has taught me responsibility and and has helped me acquire a good work ethic. There are many things that can go wrong or break with farming, which then require fixing. This has helped me to become good at fixing problems and finding solutions. It brings me a great feeling of accomplishment when I am working on vehicles, and I truly find joy in this job.   

Stop in today and let me check over your vehicle for you. I'll ensure that your vehicle is running with the appropriate fluid levels and tire pressure; and of course plenty of washer fluid.