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Jeff A. Jensen

My name is Jeff A. Jensen, I am the owner and general manger of Car Care Clinic. I began in this industry at my fathers shop on Monroe Street. As a child we would spend Saturday at the shop. There was a large pile of old auto parts that we would take apart. I then began working at my brothers service station on Regent Street, pumping gas and doing oil changes. I worked with him for fifteen years and then spent six and a half years with Paul McDermott on the far west side of Madison.

I purchased the Car Care Clinic in 2003 because I wanted to own my own shop so that it could be mine and I could make it a place that I am proud of.

I believe that there are two ways to operate a vehicle. Be proactive and take care of things before they break, or wait for things to break and then react to them. Generally being proactive is cheaper and having a reliable car is much better.

No repair is really needed until the part is no longer working and you are sitting beside the road. When we recommend repairs it is because we believe there is a genuine need for them. We do not sell based on sales quotas or corporate directives.

I have many customers that have followed me for over thirty years. I am forever grateful for the trust that is put upon me daily. I believe I have earned that trust and will always continue to be honest and straightforward, though at times people don’t wish to hear the truth.

I look forward to working on your car and appreciate your patronage.


Jeff A. Jensen

ASE Certified Automotive Mechanics
ASE Certified Mechanics

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