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24 Point Full Service Oil Change Service and Inspection

Car Care Clinic offers a full 24 point oil change service and inspection to keep your car running smoothly throughout Wisconsin's unpredictable weather.

  1. Change Oil, we will install up to 5 quarts of premium engine oil.
  2. Premium oil filter installed.
  3. Chassis Lubrication (if equipped).
  4. Check and fill power steering fluid.
  5. Check and fill transmission fluid (if serviceable).
  6. Check and fill brake fluid.
  7. Check and fill engine coolant.
  8. Check and fill battery (if applicable).
  9. Check and fill windshield and rear washer reservoir(s).
  10. Inspect Differential and advise if service is required.
  11. Check air filter (if accessible).
  12. Check wiper blades.
  13. Check and adjust tire pressure.
  14. Check for fluid leaks.
  15. Check directional lights.
  16. Check headlights.
  17. Check tail lights.
  18. Check tire condition.
  19. Perform battery load test (if applicable).
  20. Check battery terminals.
  21. Check belts.
  22. Check hoses.
  23. Check CV Boots.
  24. Check coolant for acidity content.

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ASE Certified Automotive Mechanics
ASE Certified Mechanics

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